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The South Asian Health Research Hub (SAHRH) is a program of research for the South Asian community by/with the South Asian community. We value the understanding of the social determinants of South Asian health. We design health promotion programs that produce positive change and health equity.  All our work is guided by principles of the socio-ecological framework, intersectionality, community-based participatory research and cultural safety.


Cultural Safety
The right of individuals to be respected and feel safe physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually.
Individuals are free of racism and discrimination; their identity, culture and community are recognized and accepted.


Oppression and power imbalance has existed and continues to exist in society.
With this recognition attempting to alleviate power imbalances and prevent oppression from continuing to occur.


Community Determined and Driven 
Recognizing that communities are strong and knowledgeable.
Turning to communities to voice their own discourse and determine the paths that are best for them.


Collaborating with and supporting the work of individuals and groups; being allies together to make greater and meaningful change.


  • To address health issues disproportionately affecting South Asian populations based on social determinants of health and through an equity-focused lens.

  • To design health promotion initiatives that promote individual health behaviour change and awareness of societal influences on health.

  • To conduct research and provide mixed-methods data on the disparities of health outcomes present in the South Asian community.

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