The SAADAP team is utilizing Photovoice to explore and better understand the day-to-day
influencers that impact how the participants make health-related decisions. Photovoice is a
method used to capture parts of the lived experience of the participants through photography.
It is a participatory action research strategy, which contributes to youth mobilization for community change. 




Participants each took 10-15 photographs and then met during focus group discussions to
1) enable the discussion about their community’s strengths and weaknesses; 2) to promote critical dialogue and knowledge about the South Asian community’s health issues related to type 2 diabetes and 3) to inform policy-makers on the key areas of health promotion that require attention.


Our research team is currently in the process of analyzing the Photovoice data. The photographs and findings of the focus groups will then be captured on a 4-minute digital video. This video will be used as a knowledge translation tool during research presentations and for a social media campaign (ex. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) to inform the South Asian community in Ontario on type 2
diabetes prevention amongst the youth and to draw positive attention to the SAADAP.




From this Photovoice project, a group of participants have come together to create a South Asian youth council. Together with this council, our team will organize an exhibit at which we can share the findings of the SAADAP intervention. The focus of the event would be to present the photographs taken by our participants through the Photovoice project and to share excerpts from the focus group discussions. The goal will be to create dialogue about what strengths and challenges exist for adolescents as they strive to build healthy habits and prevent the development of diabetes. Another key objective of this exhibit would be to share our recommendations for future research and future health promotion initiatives in the community.