Sri Lankan Migration and Diabetes Study (SLMDS)

This qualitative study uses a Community-Based Research approach, to explore the influence of migration on diabetes among Sri Lankan Tamil immigrants through an Intersectional Analytical Framework. Click here to learn more.


South Asian Adolescent Diabetes Awareness Program (SAADAP)

SAADAP is a pilot program with a group of teenagers in the Peel Region. SAADAP is to teach South Asian teens with family history of diabetes everything they need to know about the disease so that they can build healthy habits as they get older and move into adulthood. Click here to learn more.


Disparities in diabetes prevalence among South Asian immigrants in Canada

The prevalence of diabetes is high in South Asians migrants. However, most previous research has studied South Asians as a collective whole. The aim of this study was to examine diabetes prevalence among immigrants from five South Asian countries living in Ontario, Canada. Click here to learn more.


Mosque-Based Physical Activity Intervention for South Asian Muslim Women

This study examined the feasibility, acceptability and effectiveness of a mosque-based
physical activity program for South Asian Muslim women in Canada. Sixty-two South
Asian Muslim women participated in a 24-week mosque-based exercise intervention.
Click here to learn more.