We want to understand why this is happening. We want to understand how social factors, like moving
to Canada from another country, might be related to these high rates of diabetes. Through interviews and qualitative analysis, we would like to explore the experiences of migration and developing diabetes among Tamil immigrants from Sri Lanka living in the Greater Toronto Area. A group of Tamil and
non-Tamil researchers, students, community members and clinicians are leading this project.



This research study has been funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities
Research Council Insight Development Grant.



Principal Investigator:      Dr. Ananya Banerjee 

Co-Investigators:                Dr. Taryn Becker, Dr. Raymond Fung, Dr. Enza Gucciardi,
                                                      Dr. Sepali Guruge, Ms. Jannah Wigle

Collaborators:                      Michael Garron Hospital, Scarborough General Hospital, 
                                                     Council of Agencies Serving South Asians, 
Tamil Culture,
                                                     Tamil Health Association


Research Team:                   Avantika Mathur-Balendra, Natasha Kithulegoda, Nuzha Hafleen



Mathura Karunanithy

Saratha Karunanithy

Janani Kodeeswaran

Lathika Laguwaran

Tharshini Parames

Gauthamie Poolokasingham

Aarabhi Rajendiran

Jaitra Sathyandran

Vasuki Shanmuganathan

Tharshini Sivananthajothy

Mehathie Sivakumaran

Haran Vijayanathan

Umayangga Yogalingam

Shindujan Yogaratnam



Vaenthan Jeevarajah

Mehathie Sivakumaran

Karthika Yogaratnam

Aasha Gnanalingam

Sri Lanka Tamil Migrants and Diabetes Study 



Canadian immigrants from Sri Lanka have higher rates of type 2 diabetes than other Canadians. In Ontario, they have the highest documented rates of type 2 diabetes compared to those from other South Asian countries  (like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh). Diabetes is a chronic and complex disease that is influenced by many factors, including social, economic, cultural and historic factors.